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Local – Remote Switch

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4 to 20mA Local-Remote Switch

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Remote/Local Control Switch to manualy control a device with a 4-20mA interface or switch it to remote control by a controler.

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Function 4...20mA

You can switch with a key between local- and remote control. The mode is displayed with a green lamp (= remote) and a red lamp (=local).

In remote mode the terminals "Input (REM)" are connected with the terminals "OUTPUT (USER)".

In local mode the terminals "Input (REM)" are connected with the terminals "TERM. RESIST". Therefore the current loop stays guaranteed because of the connected termination resistor. A 100 Ohm resistor is already connected to the terminals "TERM. RESIST". The "OUTPUT (USER)" terminals are now connected to the internal current source. The 3 ½ digit LCD with backlight shows the current at the "OUTPUT (USER)" terminal continuous. That means that the remote current is displayed in remote mode and the local current is displayed in the local mode.

The internal current source is adjustable with the rotating knob for a range of 4mA till 20mA. The delivered current is very stable for burden resistors in a range of 10 Ohm till 800 Ohm at 230V/50Hz line voltage.

Frontpanel of the design

4 to 20mA Local-Remote Switch
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In the middle is the keyhole to select remote– or local – mode.

Left beside the keyhole is the green signallamp that indicates the remote – mode.

Left-down is the LCD that displays in remote and local mode the actual current.

Right beside the keyhole is the red signallamp that indicates the local – mode.

Right-down is the adjustment to control in the local device. The scale is from 4mA to 20mA. The exact current is displayed in the LCD.

Terminals inside the device

Connect the 230V power supply at the terminals "Netz L, N". A version for 24V supply is also avalable.

Connect the current - loop resistor at the terminals "TERM. RESIST". The function of the resistor is to keep the remote current in local mode to prevent a error message of the remote controler device. It should be between 10 Ohm till 800 Ohm.

Connect the remote current source at the terminals "Input (REM)".

Connect the device that is current controlled at the terminals "OUTPUT (USER)". The internal current loop resistant of the device can be 0 Ohm till 800 Ohm.

Attention: Check the polarity! Don't exchange + with -.

Technical Data des DIGISOL

Power supply: 230V / 50Hz, +-15V, +-5Hz.
Remote termination resistor: 10 Ohm till 1 K Ohm (like the remote current source needs).
Termination resistor of the controlled device: 10 Ohm till 800 Ohm.
Housing protection: IP65.
The power supply is galvanic isolated from the control current terminals.

Attention: While the key is between the modes the "OUTPUT (USER)" terminals are not connected. If you move the key in normal speed (not to slow) this is only for a view ms. The LED´s are both off in this state. This prevent a connection between the "Input (REM)" terminals and internal local source.

Block diagramm the internals

Here you see the principal block diagram of the device and the connections:

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